Howell, MI 48843 USA

FFL Transfers

Reliant Firearms and Transfers (RFT) provides inbound and outbound FFL transfer services in accordance with all existing federal, state and local laws, regulations and ordinances for customers in the Livingston County, Michigan and surrounding areas.

Please contact us prior to any shipment or order directed to us. Shipments sent to RFT without our approval are subject to rejection at your cost and detriment.

Customers are advised to review all applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations and ordinances prior to engaging our services.

Transfer Fee Schedule

Inbound Transfers: $29 (unlimited items per transaction)

Outbound Transfers: $29 per non-NFA item + shipping, packaging and handling costs (costs vary depending upon items, packaging requirements and shipping method)

NFA: We aren’t ready to handle NFA items at this time – working on it!

All FFL transfers require you to present a valid MI state ID, MI driver’s license or other form of picture ID issued by a government agency with the transferee’s name, current residence address and date of birth. As of 3/3/2020, all firearms purchasers must pass a federal background check (NICS). With the exception of Military IDs, copies of your ID/CPL presented will be made and stored with your Form 4473 transaction record at RFT. For additional information on acceptable forms of identification, please see the ATF web site here.

*NOTE – Per the BAFFE, as of 03 MAR 2020, a Michigan CPL (concealed pistol license) is no longer a Brady exemption for NICS background checks. Therefore, ALL firearm transferees must pass a NICS background check, even if you possess a valid Michigan CPL.

Reliant Firearms and Transfers, LLC reserves the right to refuse to perform any transfer for any reason.

Purchasing from an Internet Dealer or Other FFL Licensee (Inbound)

If a copy of our FFL is requested, please complete the form below, provide the necessary information and we will forward a copy to the shipping FFL licensee (typically same day). Be sure to include your contact information, including your name, telephone number and e-mail address. This will allow us to contact you as soon as your firearm arrives and will expedite the transfer process.

Purchasing from a Private Party (Inbound)

In many cases, firearms must be shipped from FFL to FFL. In limited cases, residents can ship certain firearms directly to us (with prior approval). Please contact us in advance to determine if your shipment must be made by another FFL licensee, if it can be shipped directly to us by a non-FFL licensee or if it can be shipped directly to you. We will never have you ship us a firearm for transfer if it is not required, simply to charge a fee, as we don’t operate that way.

Shipping Your Firearm (Outbound)

All firearms will be shipped only to another FFL licensee. We will not ship directly to a non-licensee. Certain firearms and other items may be restricted or prohibited in other areas and will not be shipped if restricted or prohibited. The FFL licensee receiving the firearm or other regulated items must provide us with a signed copy of their FFL in advance (sent to transfers at reliantfirearms com).

How to Request A Copy of our FFL

Please complete the form below. We will send a copy of our FFL to your dealer or FFL licensee after verification, typically within 24 hours of submission. Note: For outbound transfers, we will only ship firearms or other regulated items to addresses appearing on valid, non-expired licenses.

    Buyer/Transferee Information


    Dealer or FFL Information (All information MUST match information on FFL license, if applicable)

    HandgunLong Gun (rifle or shotgun)Other Firearm